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About Us

Firestrike Industries began as a student start-up out of the University of Illinois dedicated to revolutionizing fire suppression technology. Our patent pending Phoenix is designed around an advanced infra-red tracking system that effectively delivers the onboard suppressant to any nearby fire. By eliminating extensive piping networks and using a dry chemical suppressant the Phoenix can be easily installed in virtually any structure with minimal modifications, reducing costs compared to standard suppression systems. Currently in an advanced prototype validation stage (TRL 7), FireStrike Industries is looking to partner with a proven fire protection company to quickly bring this life-saving technology to market.

In December 2012, the concept behind the Phoenix (then called the "Self Container Fire Suppression System") was born as Ian, Josh, Nathan, and Nick, four engineering students at the University of Illinois, team up to enter the Innoventor Trophy Competition; a competition designed to fund an original idea that has significant mechanical engineering content, addresses a societal need, and has potential for commercialization. Patrick, a career firefighter in the Chicago land area, starts advising with the team as well.

November 2013: The team tests the first working prototype, the Mk I, at the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

November 2013: The first test cell in constructed and a simple targeting method is added to the Phoenix. The new prototype, the Mk II is successfully tested.

February 2013: The team takes first place in the Innovator Trophy Competition sponsored by the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at the top rated University of Illinois.

Spring 2013: The Phoenix is selected by the UIUC College of Law's Patent Clinic to have an initial patent application drafted at no cost.

June 2013: George, an alumnus of Judson University, joins the group; bringing his background in Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship to the team.

July 19, 2013: FireStrike files their patent, "Automatic Fire Targeting and Extinguishing System and Method."

September 25, 2013: FireStrike Industries is officially incorporated as a limited liability company in the State of Illinois.

Fall 2013: A propriety infra-red targeting system is developed in a test bed environment.

Fall 2013: Dan, a computer science student at Northern Illinois University, joins the team. He contributes significantly with his information technology, software, and programming skills.

Fall 2013: The team successfully completes the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program and receives initial NSF funding.

Spring 2014: The infra-red targeting system is moved from the test bed to the current prototype, giving rise to the Mk III.

Spring 2014: A complete redesign of the platform, suppressant tank, dispersal system, and targeting system gives rise to the Mk IV.

Spring 2014: An expanded test cell is built to handle the ever increasing range of the Phoenix.

November 2014: A complete redesign of the targeting nozzle increases the range of the Phoenix while reducing the torque requirement of the motors and reducing the manufacturing costs. The addition of the new targeting nozzle gives rise to the Mk V.

January 2015: John, a firefighter and business consultant with a MBA degree joins the team. With his history in the fire service and working with startup corporations, he provides all levels of administrative organization to Firestrike Industries.

April 15, 2015: Firestrike gives their first public presentation at Judson University and take home the first place prize at the Create 2015 "Shark Tank style" competition.

April 22, 2015: The Firestrike team is invited to give a presentation at Elgin Community College as part of their Sustainability Maker Faire.

April 2015: A "move and shoot" capability is added to our product, allowing the Phoenix to targeting moving or spreading fires

June 23, 2015: The team attends the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Expo in Chicago